Thursday, September 15, 2011

History Of Oil Stick

Oil stick or better known as “You Zha Gui” is a local street food enjoyed by many. It is dough long in shape and deep fry into perfection. Oil stick is usually available at stalls or markets.
The name – You Zha Gui is originated from China Song Dynasty to portray two famous villains Qin Gui and his wife. A baker thought of an idea of making bread in the shape of 2 people twisted together and deep-fried it in burning hot oil. The shape was to signify Qin Gui and his wife, and this fried bread was named “You Zha Gui”, meaning deep-fried ghost, because the word ghost in Chinese is pronounced the same as “Gui” in Qin Gui’s name; and in the public’s eye, they surely were as bad as ghosts. Symbolically, they had burnt the Qin Gui couple in hot oil and eaten them up.
Nowadays, oil sticks are no longer a monotonous match with porridge, coffee or soya bean, but is injected with more creativity creating a fun and newer outlook to the younger generation. By giving oil stick a “new life”, it allows people to taste different types of creative oil sticks thus realizing the true essence of Great Oil Stick. From a normal everyday companion in meals, creative oil sticks have turned into the protagonist of the café.

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